Logo for Strategies Publishing Group's business training course involving the creation of Employee corporate handbooks which draw upon various "Elements" of vital practices necessary for a successful and profitable small salon or spa business. 
The Covid 19 Pandemic hit small businesses hard. All of Strategies' clients own small salons and spas and therefore were hit hardest as hands-on client services were almost completely shut down during the height of the crisis. Thrive was designed as an online conference of sorts where small businesses could gather virtually and tell their stories of how they survived the pandemic and where everyone could learn how to Thrive in the new reality the historic event has created. 
Pi Tutoring
Pi Tutoring is a math tutoring service by Chloe Sloat in conjunction with Coffee and Pi coffee shop in Westport, Ct. 
Coffee + Pi
Coffee + Pi was created as a place for students to practice their math skills and prepare for their SAT's while they or their parents could enjoy a cup of coffee and a relaxing atmosphere. 
Fistful of Jokes Live
Created by Jerry Morgan, Fistful of Jokes Live is a comedic podcast designed to focus on modern society, current events and urban legends through a comedic lens. 
JPR Suspension
Logo and sticker design for a small off-road and racing suspension service business located in Lebanon, CT. 
One Word, One Voice, One life Campaign Logo
As part of the Suicide Advisory Board, I had the opportunity to Art Direct their campaign titled, "One Word, One Voice, One Life." The campaign involved posters, brochures, collateral, billboards and two videos.

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